Jurassic Dinosaur
Bouncer Slide Wet or Dry

Jurassic Dinosaur Wet/Dry


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Available Booking Options

Up to 4 Hours $345.00
5 - 8 Hours $396.75
Overnight $448.50
2 Day Rental $517.50

Setup Area: 36' L x 18' W x 15' H

Actual Size: 33 L x 15' W x 14' H

Monitors: Adult supervision is required at all the times.

Outlets: Required 1 120 Volts

Age Group: 3-14 years old, 150 lbs max per each player


Introducing the Jurassic Dinosaur Bouncer Slide!

Welcome to the world of prehistoric fun with Tiky Jumps Inflatables' Jurassic Dinosaur Bouncer Slide, the ultimate party centerpiece for events in Memphis TN, Bartlett TN, Lakeland TN, Germantown TN, Collierville TN, Millington TN, Eads TN, East Memphis TN, and Cordova TN. As the leading party rental provider in the area, Tiky Jumps guarantees a roaring good time for all occasions.

• Jurassic Joy: The Ultimate Inflatable Slide Rental for Unforgettable Events in Memphis, TN

This Jurassic Dinosaur Bouncer Slide is a colossal inflatable masterpiece, standing tall and commanding attention at any event. Its vibrant colors and intricate design make it an eye-catching attraction, perfect for birthday parties, graduation celebrations, corporate events, church gatherings, sport events, and city-wide festivals. Whether you're planning a small family reunion or a large-scale community event, this inflatable slide is sure to be the highlight of the party.

• Safety First with Tiky Jumps: Jurassic Dinosaur Bouncer Slide Rental in Memphis, TN

Crafted with premium materials, safety is the top priority at Tiky Jumps. The Jurassic Dinosaur Bouncer Slide is made from durable, high-quality materials that are both safe and reliable. The setup is conducted by professional staff members who prioritize safety protocols, ensuring a worry-free experience for both hosts and attendees.

• Tiky Jumps Inflatables: Bringing Jurassic Thrills to Your Doorstep Across Memphis Suburbs!

Hosting a graduation party in Collierville TN? Celebrating a birthday bash in Germantown TN? Tiky Jumps Inflatables has you covered! The Jurassic Dinosaur Bouncer Slide is available for delivery in various cities, including Bartlett TN, Lakeland TN, Millington TN, Eads TN, East Memphis TN, and Cordova TN. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we bring the excitement directly to your doorstep, making the rental process seamless and stress-free.

• Dino-Slide Extravaganza: Elevate Corporate Events and Church Gatherings in Memphis, TN and surrounding cities!

Corporate events in Memphis TN and church gatherings in Bartlett TN can also benefit from the dynamic appeal of this inflatable slide. Imagine the thrill as attendees climb to the top, only to slide down through the jaws of a massive dinosaur. It's an experience that creates lasting memories and ensures your event is talked about for years to come.

• Elevating Events with the Jurassic Dinosaur Bouncer Slide Rental Experience!

Tiky Jumps Inflatables doesn't just provide party rentals; we create unforgettable experiences. The Jurassic Dinosaur Bouncer Slide is a testament to our dedication to delivering premium party rental items that elevate the entertainment factor of any gathering. Trust Tiky Jumps for all your inflatable needs, and let the Jurassic Dinosaur Bouncer Slide transport your event to a Jurassic world of excitement and joy. Book now and let the adventure begin!

• Features of the Jurassic Dinosaur Bouncer Slide

1. Dinosaur Theme: Features a vibrant and detailed dinosaur graphics, including popular Jurassic period dinosaurs like T-Rex, Stegosaurus, or Velociraptor.
2. Bouncing Area: A spacious bouncing area for children to jump and play safely.
3. Slide: The inflatableincludes a slide feature, allowing kids to climb up and slide down for added fun.
4. Quality Construction: High-quality materials, double or triple stitching, and reinforced seams contribute to the overall durability of the inflatable.

• Bounce House Occupancy:

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• What's Included in Your Rental:

1. Heavy-Duty Blower: Powerful blower for efficient inflation and continuous airflow.
2. Stakes or Sandbags: Included stakes or sandbags for additional stability. **Additional fees apply for hard set-up surfaces
3. Impact Mats: To put under the inflatables for hard set-up surfaces **Additional fees apply for hard set-up surfaces

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